Shawna All, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Intuitive Body-Werx

Massage for the Masses

*15 year Veteran Bodyworker
*Native Raised Intuitive healer
*Reiki Master-Teacher *Therapeutic Medical Massage Specialist


*Myofascial Release
*Trigger Point Therapy *Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Current body of study:
Vasovagal System

Trauma is my Wheelhouse, Human Clay… my canvas.



Care for your mind, body, and spirit through aromatherapy, natural products, consultations and aromatherapy classes. Complementary therapy options for integrative and holistic health care. 

Jeanine says ​”As a certified clinical aromatherapist, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with me when aromatherapy is combined with receiving medical care from a medical facility or medical doctor that involves serious medical conditions and use of medical prescriptions. The cost of consultations includes your first product free of cost.”

Helena Wolfe and Tumbleweed Connections

Helena Wolfe, coach, healer, guide, firmly believes that “We all have the ability to enhance our personal well-being through energy healing.”

During the Fest Helena will give a talk “Understanding Your Owner’s Manual through Astrology + Human Design and offer mini-readings using these archetypal systems.

Through Tumbleweed Connections, Helena facilitates:
• Interactive workshops such as “Energy Healing for Wellness” that explore different healing modalities each week: Eden Method, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), sound healing.
• Study groups to practice specific techniques such as Eden Method, Reiki, Emotion Code, shamanism.
• Individual sessions during which Helena draws upon the breadth of her training to address your unique healing challenges as Spirit guides her.
Laura Skeen-Cruz, certified hypnotherapist, will be assisting Helena in the Tumbleweed Connections booth.

JOAN with the Seimei Foundation

Seimei is a Japanese non-touch healing art and will be joining us and doing demonstrations. Seimei’s is best experienced, rather than explained. There are three centers for the Practice and Study of Seimei in the United States: Morristown, NJ, Richland, WA and Santa Fe, NM, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!